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Who buys antique advertising signs?  The Nation’s Attic buys the old porcelain and steel signs and we represent serious collectors from around the world.  This fortunately allows us to make immediate offers on just about any vintage gas station sign. Regardless of where you are located in the world, we make the transaction very easy and safe. We also pay for and handle the shipping of the sign.

Please call or text us today at 316-371-1828 or email


Below we have the various types of antique advertising sign into categories. Please feel free to click on any of the specific sign types for additional information. If you don't see the general type of sign you have, no worries, just email or text us photos (316-371-1828) and we will be ready to help!

Gas Station Signs

We specialize in buying porcelain signs from gas stations! Regardless of size, brand or condition, we buy them.


To find out more about these signs and how much we can pay! Visit our gas station advertising sign page.

shell porcelain gas station sign

Car Dealer Signs

New car and used car signs, regardless of manufacturer or size, we buy them. Many used neon or lights, but some are simply porcelain over steel signs.

Find Out More About Dealership Signs.

ok used cars sign

Hardware Store Signs

Hardware, drug stores, grocery stores, just about any business utilized signs. In many cases we are just as interested in buying these signs as ones from a gas station. Value of these signs as a lot to do with the graphics of the sign. Send us a text or email with photos of your sign(s) , we are happy to take a look! Visit our hardware store sign page for more details.

316-371-1828 /

devoe paints varnishes sign


Have a old Coca-Cola sign or maybe Dr. Pepper? Regardless of the brand, old soda pop signs are something we do buy. For more information visit this page.

coca cola drug store sign

Advertisting Globes

Mostly found on the top of gas pumps, these glass globes were lighted from the inside. Glass lenses on both sides and the bodies are either metal, glass or plastic. 


Find Out More!

mobil gas gas pump globe

Kansas Related Signs

We are located in Wichita, Kansas. We enjoy collecting company signs related to Kansas. Kanotex is a classic brand and example we are always searching for. 


Learn More About Kansas Signs We Buy!

Kanotex Gasolin Sign

Old Gas Pumps

Found at all gas stations, old gas pumps are something we buy. Visible, clock face and early computing pumps from before the 1950's are what we buy. We prefer gas pumps in un-restored condition.


Find out more about gas pumps here.

wayne roman visible gas pump

Hays & Clear Vision Gas Pumps - Wichita

We have a special interest in gas pumps made by the Hays Equipment Company and the Clear Vision Pump Company. Both were located in Wichita, KS. Depending on model and condition, we are strong buyers.


Learn More About Hays & Clear Vision

Clock Face Gas Pump
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