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Kansas Gas

Signs We Buy

Why do we want Kansas related signs & globes?

Nation’s Attic is located in Wichita, KS, where some of these gas & oil companies operated in the early 20th Century. With our companies location in Kansas we naturally are interested in preserving this local history. When these gas stations and refineries were at their peak, they produced advertising signs and glass gas pump globes.  These pieces of antique petroleum history are what Nations Attic is interested in buying. So who were some of these companies in Kansas?  Below we have featured examples of some of the companies antique signs and gas pump globes we are interesting in buying. Sometimes these companies may not have been headquartered in Kansas but their presence here is notable.

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Kanotex signs and gas pump globes are valuable to us! These gas stations used a large number of signs and glass globes, of which we can..

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Security Oil

Wichita, KS based oil company that also had gas stations. Much of their advertising was gas pump globes, oil cans and some signs. We are very...

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White Eagle Gasoline

White Eagle gasoline & Keynoil utilized a large white eagle as their logo. Glass eagle gas pump globes and porcelain signs are what we buy.

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Golden Rule Gasoline

Golden Rule Refining Co operated 23 gas stations in Kansas. Their gas pump globes are ones .....

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Globe Gasoline

Globe gasoline porcelain signs and gas pump globes generally look like the example above. A Wichita, KS based co, we love their advertising material!

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Dog-On Good Gas

The Petroleum Products Co - Kansas Made - Dog-On Good Gasoline gas pump globe. Great image of a dog on these glass pump globes. If you have one let us know! 316-371-1828

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Derby Gasoline

Derby gas had made a huge number of signs and globes. Early material had DOC in the center. Always interested!

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Aeroplane High Test

Aeroplane High Test - Early Wichita brand of gas usually found on milk glass white glass gas pump globes. We buy these globes regardless of condition. Call / Text 316-371-1828

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El Dorado Refining

Elreco - El Dorado Refining is located in Kansas near Wichita. Their porcelain signs and glass gas pump globes are items we buy. Call / Text 316-371-1828

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There were other notable Kansas related companies we buy vintage advertising from. Vickers & Sovereign Service antique signs are depending on their age and condition. With both companies signs need to be metal and not plastic. If you have a Kansas related oil / gas company we do not have listed, please contact us. We really do enjoy preserving Kansas petroleum history!



Simply text photos to 316-371-1828 or email them to

 Nation’s Attic has been in antiques dealer a long time and we know how to treat you fair and square. We do not play games or mess around with manipulative negotiating tactics. If we can make a fair deal for both parties, we will pay you promptly. In many cases we can pay you in person and take the items away the same day with no hassle. The best way to get started is by simply sending us photos via email or text message. Once we take a look at your signs we will typically reply back to you within minutes! Find out just how fast we reply and how much we can pay!

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